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Sat: 8am to 12pm
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Contact Information

Insurance Questions

Lori Hill at 919-658-4954 , ext. 1083 or email at /contact

Billing and Account Questions
Heather Tillman at 919-581-4961 or email at /contact

Referral Questions
Kirstin Cornish at  919-658-4954 , ext. 1032 or  /contact

New Patients or FMLA/Disability Forms Questions
Carolina Escobedo at 919-658-4954 ext. 1011 or email at /contact

Medical Assistance Program (MAP) Questions
Claudia Magana at 919-658-4954 , ext. 1062 or email at /contact
Heather Tillman at 919-581-4961 or email at /contact

Prescription Assistance Program Questions
Jorja Robinson at 919-581-4956 or email at /contact

Prescription Prior Authorization Questions:
Amy Teachey at 919-658-4954 , ext. 1008 

Prescription Refill Questions
Meka Hobbs at  919-658-4954 , ext. 1026 (send a message via the patient portal for refill requests)

Medical Record Questions
Ashley Spell at 919-658-4954 , ext. 1306 or /contact 

Provider Contacts
Dr. Draughon’s Nurse: ext. 1063
Dr. Moye’s Nurses: ext. 1036
Dr. Wilson’s Nurse: ext. 1035
Dr. Geer's Nurse: ext. 1061
Meghan Brown’s Nurse: ext. 1065
Misty Rouse’s Nurse:  ext. 1023
Carie Brown’s Nurse: ext. 1064
Mark Blizzard's Nurse: ext. 1012
Bridgett Buckman's Nurse: ext. 1061
Stacey Hill's Nurse: ext. 1023

**Depending on provider schedules, it could take up to 2 business days for a response.  The fastest way to get a message to your provider is through the Patient Portal.

Questions/Appointment with Executive Director Lisa Hooks
Carrie Kornegay at 919-658-4954 , ext. 1087 or email at /contact

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